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Silver Spring - Indian

Are there any other good Indian restaurants in the downtown Silver Spring area other than Bombay Gaylord? and washingtonian are being mostly unhelpful (the post doesn't even list bombay gaylord). Suggestions? I'd prefer to do take out in that area so that it can easily be brought to a friends house.
We went to Bombay Gaylord a few weeks ago and would like to try somewhere else. If there isn't somewhere else, we'll just go back to Bombay Gaylord.
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I think that's about it in the Sprung area. Mandalay will do take out and is indian-ish (Burmese), but I have no idea how long their take out takes.
Mandalay = not Indian
I've eaten at Mandalay many a time, including before they moved. Good friends of mine are close friends with the owners. Unfortunately, the only time I get good service is when I eat with them.
The only thing I know that's close to that cuisine is Lebanese Taverna in the area.
It's not downtown silver spring - but the best Indian I've had in the area is Bombay - just a couple miles north of the Beltway on New Hampshire Ave in the White Oak shopping center:
If I'm remembering correctly they made washingtonian's top 100 restaurants and cheap eats list last year.

Their lunch buffet hasn't impressed me, but their dinner is absolutely fantastic - Tiffin in Langley Park used to be my favorite before Bombay opened.
Second Bombay in White Oak. I live nearby and love the fact that really good Indian food is only a minute's drive away. I do recommend calling in your order. The biriyani is awesome, and I don't even like biriyani.
Delhi Dhaba has three locations in the area and is always tasty.